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In part two of this week's banchan series, I present to you sukjunamul (sook-joo-nah-muhl), aka mung bean sprouts.  This is a banchan you see all the time at restaurants, whether as a side dish or as an ingredient in bibimbap.

And it's dead simple to make.  Boil the mung bean sprouts, drain the excess water, and toss with a few ingredients to make the mild, nutty flavor of the sprouts shine. 

This time, I used a recipe from Maangchi, Internet Queen of Korean cooking.  The last time I checked, she was in her fifties, though she doesn't look a day over forty.  Check out her recipe page for both written instructions and a video.  You can see I adapted her recipe by using only sprouts and leaving out the cucumber. 

P.S. I can see by my photos that I need to go shop for new props.

P.P.S. My new favorite food?  Raw,  young mung bean sprouts, barely cracked.


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