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Happy Friday, folks!  If you're looking for a weekend recipe for bulgogi empanadas, check out my guest post over at MyReci, a brand spankin' new startup co-founded by my
food-obsessed* friend, Vijay Nathan.

MyReci is my new favorite online tool.  I read lots of food blogs, lots, and I bookmark recipes on a daily basis.  Now MyReci has made recipe storage extremely easy.  As in, a single-click-of-the-mouse easy.  This makes Luddites like me very happy.

In short, MyReci is an easy and attractive way to store your recipes online.  Save recipes from blogs and websites to your MyReci page with a single click of a toolbar button.  MyReci automatically pulls all the relevant information and stores it for you.  Some websites are not yet supported, but you can still save a URL link to the recipe.  Finally, you can email photos of recipes from hard-copy magazines and books, and they're added to your MyReci.  It's like having your own virtual cookbook, without the work.

I strongly recommend MyReci for anyone who cooks or bakes, or who just hopes to get into the kitchen.   To go out on a limb, I venture to say that MyReci might make you get in the kitchen and cook more. Yes, I said it; it’s true. 

MyReci is still in private beta mode, but they're offering you all a special advance invitation.  Just click this link to give them a try.  To learn more, follow MyReci on Twitter (@MyReci) or on Facebook.

Good luck, and happy cooking!


P.S.  This enthusiasm is all my own.  Vijay did not entice me with homemade meals or extra friend points, despite my love of both.

Three Reasons Why MyReci Rocks:

  1. You can store recipes online with a single click of the button.  All recipes end up in the same place, instantly.  No forgetting to go back through your bookmarks, no rummaging through the bookmarks to find that obscure cauliflower soup recipe.

  2. Your recipes are arranged in an attractive visual layout.  MyReci automatically pulls the ingredients, instructions, and photos from your favorite recipes and organizes it all into a reader-friendly format.  It’s like having your own virtual cookbook.  Which leads me to my last point...

  3. You can organize your recipes with ease.  Create “cookbooks” and add your recipes to as many different books as you want.  You can quickly look up a cookie recipe or a one-pot dish for dinner.  Mine include "Holidays," "Baking," and "Rice" (frankly, every Asian needs a cookbook called Rice). 

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