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Meet Liz.  Liz and I go to school together.  She likes literature and food blogs. 
I learned about the latter when I caught her sneaking a glance at Smitten Kitchen before class.  Looking at closeup photos of donuts at 9:30 am is not a good idea.

* * EDIT 9/26/11: Learning Liz is camera-shy, I have replaced her lovely face with an image showing off her gnocchi-rolling ability. * *

What do you do when you learn that a classmate likes food?  Schedule a cooking date, of course.  I drove to Liz's apartment, and after a quick ingredients trip to Co-Opportunity, we got to work.  The plan: Chicken tagine, based on Mark Bittman's recipe in The Best Recipes in the World, and green olive gnocchi, based on Heidi Swanson's recipe in 101 Cookbooks. 

We were fairly faithful to Bittman's recipe, though we did add homemade preserved lemons.  The aroma made us excited.

Heidi said to use premade gnocchi, but we made our own, based on another recipe from Heidi.  We think we'll increase the proportionate amount of flour next time, as Mark Bittman's gnocchi recipe requests.

Little gnocchi waiting to be boiled and pan fried. 
Like people, some are oddly shaped.

It's a good thing Liz and I both like green olives.  We decided not to puree the sauce, as the recipe required.  Lumpy sauce is good, too.

Colorful, patterned dishes and a tablecloth make for a photoworthy tableau.

Next time, my place!  Suggestions on what to make?

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