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Greek yogurt and honey in a jar

I'm not naturally a breakfast person.  As a kid, breakfast was more likely to be rice wrapped in seaweed or some spicy Korean soup than eggs and bacon. 

But then college came along and introduced the joys of waking up at 11 am.  Then post-college life arrived, revealing the comforts of cracking an egg in the pan and "putting the coffee on" every morning.

Even if you don't have time to wait for the coffee, there's no excuse to not eat breakfast.  And it's important!  You'll have more energy throughout the day and feel less hungry later on. 

Here are a few recipes you can prepare ahead of time.  If all you can do is dump some oats into a pot of boiling water, then you can eat breakfast. 

P.S. By coincidence, The Kitchn just posted a Roundup of Quick Breakfast ideas this morning.  I swear that I am not a soulless, greedy copycat but merely ill-fated.  Or clairvoyant!  I like that.

6 Make-Ahead Breakfast Options for Busy Folks

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