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Hello, Wednesday!  It's time to take stock of your first half of the week (and to brace yourself for the second).  During that time, you may also want to check out these journals, if you haven't done so already.  I found my copies at Whole Foods, but you could hunt them down elsewhere.

Lucky Peach

Combine the honesty and intensity of David Chang (Momofuku) & Crew with the starpower of McSweeney's, and you get Lucky Peach.  You'll find stories, interviews, recipes, essays on food science, stories on travel, and quirky illustrations, just to name a few.  Celebrities like Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdain make a frequent appearance, but, at least in this issue, so do military cooks and school cafeteria managers. 

If you're genuinely intense about food and food culture, and you're willing to take or throw a crass word, this is the journal for you.



Somewhere at the juncture of food, history, and culture, you find a journal with the role of the three-sided dining table in art history on one page and an account of Libyan prison food on the next.  There are photographs, too, lest you shy away from so much text.  If Lucky Peach is for the lustful heart, Gastronomica is for cooled heels and open minds.

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