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Friends, we have struck sherry. I was so pleased to find this bottle at my local Trader Joes for a mere $5.00. Trader Joes always has affordable European wines, and I thought they might happen to have some sherry in stock.

In fact, I have been thinking about sherry since returning from Spain. You might say I have been obsessed with sherry. I missed the small ritual of a glass of fino before dinner.

My favorite small wine shop didn't have any on hand, and the only other time I was able to taste some sherry in the States was in the form of a cocktail at The Roosevelt in Hollywood.

This fino is, like other finos or manzanillos, the color of straw. In the simplest of words, it smells slightly boozy and tastes strong, for those accustomed to unfortified wine. The finish is nutty, maybe even a little sweet. But it's nothing like the cream or other types of sherries that may remind you of dessert wines. The fino is dry.

The name of the bodega that produces this fino is Barbadillo, and it's located in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, a coastal city that forms one point of the sherry triangle in Spain.


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