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I'm a sucker for packaging and had to try Stumptown's Cold Brew Stubbies at least once. I know people love their Stumptown, but this was too bitter for my taste*. I'm happy with my homemade cold brew, which tastes smoother, doesn't cost $4.50 a pop, and doesn't use hundreds of bottles.

This little jar bottle could hold a lone flower or a trio of aroma sticks.

* Sad is the day when it's necessary to make these kinds of obvious statements, but in case the obvious wasn't clear let it be known: I am not a coffee connoisseur.

Coffee and water

Good luck! (With what?)

Sycamore Kitchen, Los Angeles

I never tire of open-air displays of food, even if they consist mostly of sweets. Sycamore has plenty of hipster appeal, plus an outdoor patio. I'm not complaining.


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