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I promise I am not spending my days drinking. But I have been fixated on consumption of the liquid sort lately.

I have a favorite wine shop, and it's called Elvino*. I like it because the people there are knowledgeable AND friendly (not always easy to find), and the shop stocks a range of interesting wines at all price points. Oh, and there is zero pretention. You can say, "I want a wine with a good story," and they won't kick you out of the shop.

In my head, a good wine shop is a place where you can pick up something new and fun without emptying your wallet. It's also a place from which you emerge feeling excited and better informed. For me, this is that shop.

I'm looking forward to try these two wines: the 2010 Pelješac from Croatia and a vinho verde tinto from Portugal. My internet sleuthing tells me Pelješac is a wine-producing peninsula (as well as the name of the wine) and Dinga? Vinarija the name of the winery. I've never tried Croatian wine, though I have been curious about it thanks to Anthony Bourdain on No Reservations. As for vinho verde, I was a little disappointed not to try it while in Portugal, so here's my chance. "Verde" refers to the young age of the wine, not its color. I am assuming "tinto" means the same in Portuguese as it does in Spanish and that this is a red wine.

A wine snob I am not. Only a curious learner who's grateful for other down-to-earth people willing to teach me.

* I have no idea. I assumed the name was El Vino, but I have seen the shop referred to as Elvino so frequently that I don't know if that is correct or just a widely repeated typo.

** Update **

I just tried some of the  Pelješac. I expected it to resemble a fruity pinot noir, but it was something in its own category. "Wow...whoa, that's different," was my initial reaction. It's fairly light, but the texture is still somehow velvety. The first thing I noticed was a round, warm, berry flavor that reminded me of Ring Pops. Yes, Ring Pops. I'm pretty awful when it comes to wine vocabulary. I also thought of dimly lit and dusty vintage stores, jelly candies, and cherries.The lady at the wine shop said one of the two wines above reminded her of church incense, and I can't remember which one. But it might as well be this one--it's a little smoky, a little sweet. Just like incense. After the first taste, you notice the subtle tannins. It has a pleasant finish.

Wow. I like this wine.

More information:

K&L Wines



The word "cafeteria" doesn't go hand in hand with "quality."  Frozen chicken fingers, lifeless peas, and milk cartons are more like it.  While I never attended a school with trays and glass protected buffets, I remember Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times, waltzing into a streetside cafeteria, gobbing an inordinate amount of food, and sauntering out without paying a cent. 

I almost wish I could pull a Chaplin-esque stunt at Lemonade, minus the part about not paying.  The food here is always fresh, and the variety is impressive.  The staff is also uber-friendly.  I think three different people asked if they could help me, and the woman at the cashier gave me a small cup of jalapeno green lemonade free of charge, after I expressed hesitation because of my apple allergy.

Not a place to take a date, but good for grabbing a quick, wholesome bite.

sampling the watermelon radish

the end of the line tempts you with vintage desserts

mi cena: arugula with blue cheese, asian pear and balsamic;
lobster noodles with lebanese cucumber; citrus poached salmon.
not pictured: jalapeno green apple lemonade

sister had the moroccan chicken braise and cucumber mint lemonade

[photos by I Heart Woo]

From my tall perch, I spy carefully
wrinkled chambray and rolled hems.

What's that?

A flash, beckoning.

Lunch is as easy as "down the street," to that other street much loved by the locals and now, by me.  Zoning has frozen the structures in time, so that shops can piggyback on the charm of a tucked-away cottage.  The effect works.  In the span of a ten-second ride, I imagine myself carefree, sandals on the pedals and flowers in the basket.  You know, for all those days when I have utterly nothing to do.

[I want a city bike.]

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